About FatLabs

FatLabs is the second home for creative people from all walks of life – from rock bands with too much Jäger in their system, to Bollywood filmmakers looking for the right soundtrack composition, to creative agencies that need cutting-edge music. It's a comfortable place to record, mix and master your music & audio post. Incidentally, it literally is the at-home recording studio of music producer and film composer Vikas Kohli, who enjoys nothing more than making music – good-sounding music. So whether you're from nearby 'burbs such as Brampton and Etobicoke or distant hubs such as Bollywood and Hollywood, ask yourself: "So what can FatLabs do for me?"

For Filmmakers...
...FatLabs can compose original film scores, whether you need a feature track or a background score. And when necessary, FatLabs can license original compositions from the large roster of cutting-edge artists in every genre we've produced.

For Songwriters...
... FatLabs can help you create a basic publishing demo or a full radio-ready production. Do you need pro session musicians or pro session singers? No problem. Do you need help arranging & composing? Done. Whatever you need, FatLabs can pull everything together to make it happen.

For Bands...
... If you want to capture a natural feel, then FatLabs can multi-track record your full band live-off-the-floor. Thanks to several isolation areas with glass partitions, all your instruments will be fully isolated in the recording in case someone needs a re-take. Of course, recording one track at a time is always an option – whatever you're comfortable with. And feel free to use the drums, amps and assorted world instruments kept at the studio.

For Artists with Recorded Music/Beats...
... Are radio stations saying your production is lacking? Labels and artists alike have asked FatLabs to clean up their mixes. Whether it takes some proper EQ and compression, sound replacement, or re-tracking a crystal clear vocal, FatLabs will get your tracks to broadcast quality.

For Businesses & Corporate Audio...
...FatLabs can help you put great sounding music and voiceover talent on your website, TV/Radio commercials, presentations, special events, promo CDs/DVDs, and on-hold messaging. Get people who live and breathe music every day on your side so everything you do sounds as good as it looks.

So come on over and create some world-class music at FatLabs. There are groovy couches, crazy 70s lighting and besides...all the cool kids are doing it.

FatLabs Music Demo Reel...
  • Clip 1: Bollywood Film Score*
  • Clip 2: Electronic Film Score
  • Clip 3: Rock Music Video*
  • Clip 4: Bollywood Film Score*
  • Clip 5: Rock Film Score
  • Clip 6: Documentary Film Score
  • Clip 7: Bollywood Music Video*
* co-written with the respective singers
FatLabs Non-Feature Music Demo Reel


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