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Vikas Kohli

Award-winning composer and music producer Vikas Kohli from FatLabs is a good guy. You want to be his friend.

He fought super-villains while becoming the first composer to receive a Trailblazer Award from the ReelWorld Film Festival. He grilled a samosa while becoming the first composer to receive a Voice Achievers Award. He ate the samosa while receiving a MARTY award from the Mississauga Arts Council.

In 2011, Vikas began producing events and arranging the music for these events. The 1st annual Bollywood Monster Mashup show created for the Indian International Film Academy (IIFA) awards in Toronto was attended by 15,000 people. The 2nd annual Bollywood Monster Mashup show went stand-alone and was also attended by 15,000 people. The 1st annual Monster Rock Orchestra created for the Mississauga Waterfront Festival was attended by 20,000 people.

The song he produced for Bollywood film "Mission Istaanbul" was performed live at the IIFAs in Bangkok, Thailand. He composed the title track for the Canadian Film Centre's "Shanti Baba Ram & The Dancers of Hope", which aired on Canwest Global. He composed the soundtrack for "I Do. Do I?" which won a Gold Remi at the Houston International Film Festival. He composed for "The Bee", which won Best Canadian Environmental Film at the Toronto Urban Film Festival. He's produced two albums with The Responsibles, which were nominated for Punk Recording of the Year and charted nationally; co-wrote Jennifer Abadesso's song "Did You Think", which hit #1 in Paris; produced multi-million album selling Bhangra artist Mika Singh and collaborated on projects with Cappadonna (Wu-Tang Clan), Justin Nozuka, Moka Only and Apache Indian. Vikas has been profiled by ET Canada, CBC The National, CTV, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, The Hindustan Times, Times of India and Zee News.

Things are looking good at FatLabs. Let's do lunch.

The Fat

Now a sought-after music producer, Kohli is well versed in music across a variety of genres from punk, jazz, and hip-hop, to country, metal, and Bollywood pop. He is known internationally for his extensive repertoire, his expertise with song arrangements, A-list session musicians and his one-on-one artist development. When asked how he maneuvers effortlessly between so many genres, Kohli simply quips: "I just like music. Don't you?"

FatLabs Music Demo Reel
  • Clip 1: Bollywood Film Score*
  • Clip 2: Electronic Film Score
  • Clip 3: Rock Music Video*
  • Clip 4: Bollywood Film Score*
  • Clip 5: Rock Film Score
  • Clip 6: Documentary Film Score
  • Clip 7: Bollywood Music Video*
* co-written with the respective singers
FatLabs Non-Feature Music Demo Reel

Additional Music Selections
Selected Filmography
  • Composed the score for "The Bee" produced by Pixel Palette, which won Best Canadian Environmental Film award and a special honourable mention by Deepa Mehta at TUFF (Toronto Urban Film Festival).
  • Produced the song "Apun Ke Saath" for acclaimed Bollywood director Apoorva Lakhia's major motion film Mission Istaanbul. The song was performed live by Vivek Oberoi at the IIFA (International Indian Film Academy) in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Produced the song "Tere Pyar Mein" in the upcoming major motion Bollywood film Tom, Dick and Harry Rock Again, which features Indian pop star Mika Singh.
  • Produced and co-wrote the title track "Dil Yeh" for the film Shanti Baba Ram and the Dancers of Hope produced by the prestigious Canadian Film Centre (founded by Academy-nominated Norman Jewison). This film has screened at the Montreal World Film Festival, Atlantic Film Festival, FILMI, Yellowknife Film Festival, Reel World Film Festival, Masala!Mehndi!Masti!, Worldwide Short Film Festival, Lanzarote Film Festival (Spain) and won a Bronze Remi at the Worldfest Houston International Film Festival. The film has also been broadcast on CBC, Canwest Global and Showtime.
  • Composed the score for the film "I Do. Do I?" produced by About Time Productions, which won a Gold Remi at the Worldfest Houston International Film Festival and has screened at FILMI, Mosaic, and Masala!Mehndi!Masti! The film has also secured a distribution deal with Ouat! Media.
Selected Discography
  • Produced collaborations between international artists from various genres such as the song "Whiskey (Party Special}" with Mika Singh & Jamaican reggae artist Deva Bratt and "Nazarein Milane Wali" with Mika Singh & Kissdagirlz (Tef & Don).
  • One of Kohli's Canadian albums has been offered a USD$100K marketing & distribution album deal from international record label Tips (Tips has the highest number of gold and platinum discs of all record labels in India).
  • In 2008, Kohli produced the album The FatLabs Sessions by The Responsibles, which debuted in the Top 20 for radio play nationally and was nominated for Best Punk Recording of the Year at the Hamilton Music Awards. In 2006, Kohli produced their album Class*Action*Suit, which charted in the Top 100 nationally, and was also nominated for Best Punk Recording of the Year.
  • Produced and co-wrote the song "Did You Think" by Jennifer Abadesso and featuring Juno award-winner Moka Only. The song charted in Luxembourg, Portugal and hit #1 on Alfa Radio in Paris, France.
  • In 2010, Canadian Music Week held a special "Spotlight on India", which included 2 industry showcases including several artists produced by Kohli.
  • Hip-hop duo Tef & Don's "On The Northside" hit #1 on CIUT, was selected for Flow 93.5's Urban Flow Case CD & charted nationally.
  • R&B singer Tash's track "Let Me Show You", charted on Flow 93.5FM and she was selected as an NXNE showcase artist.

Kohli is actively involved in the arts scene and has spoken at UNESCO, Trinidad & Tobago Music Business Conference, NXNE, SAC, CMW, Masala!Mehndi!Masti!, Nashville Songwriters Association, Hamilton Music Awards, Toronto Independent Music Awards, ReelWorld Film Festival, Small World Music Society, Culture Days, FILMI, Toronto FIlmmakers Club, Mississauga Independent Film Festival, Undercurrents, JyaFest Arts Collective, Canada Career Arts, Tin Pan North, Trebas Institute, Durham College, Toronto City Summit Alliance and the City of Mississauga's Culture Division. He is a jury member for FACTOR, a member of the Screen Composers Guild of Canada and former advisor on the Arts and Culture Grant Assessment Committee for the City of Mississauga. He is on the Advisory Board for the Blackwood Art Gallery and on the Board of Directors for the Art Gallery of Mississauga.

Born in Ottawa, Kohli started playing guitar and studying painting at fine arts school. Kohli received his Honors Degree in Mathematics & Philosophy from the University of Toronto, his MBA from the Schulich School of Business and his CFA. Kohli now lives in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada where he runs FatLabs all hours of the day and night -- It turns out rock'n'rollers don't need sleep.


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